Diwali Special-5 Instant Halwa Recipes

5 instant halwa recipes

5 instant halwa recipes

Hope you all are getting ready for Diwali Celebration?, Here are 5 Instant halwa recipes that are very easy to prepare for this Diwali…Here I have shared the recipe of banana halwa, bread halwa, jackfruit halwa, karachi halwa, tender coconut halwa. These all halwa recipes are very easy to prepare within few minutes. Try this recipes and let me know your feedback.

Banana Halwa

This halwa is made with small bananas. You just need small bananas, jaggery, ghee, almonds, cashewnuts, cornflour and cardamom powder for making this halwa

instant banana halwa

Bread Halwa

Simple recipe of halwa made with bread and jaggery

instant bread halwa
Jackfruit Halwa

Halwa made with jackfruit puree and jaggery.

instant jackfruit halwa
Karachi Halwa

Karachi halwa/Bombay halwa made with corn flour, sugar and ghee and flavored with cardamom powder and dry fruits.

instant karachi halwa
Tender Coconut Halwa

Instant halwa made with tender coconut and jaggery. It is a healthy halwa recipe as we are not using sugar and custard powder in this recipe.

instant tender coconut halwa

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