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Chicken Curry with Ashgourd / Kumbalanga Recipe

chicken curry with ash gourd

Chicken Curry with Ashgourd / kumbalanga is a speciality of Thrissur cuisine in Kerala. I know it may sound different for you the chicken curry with ashgourd, but believe me it is very tasty. The combination of ashgourd and chicken makes the curry very yummy. I have already posted the recipe of fish curry with ashgourd. Actually I got the idea of making fish curry with ashgourd is from this yummy chicken curry only. As I mentioned earlier I am posting here the recipe of chicken curry with ashgourd. It is very easy to prepare. Just try this recipe. I am sure that you will love the taste of thus curry. Let me know your comments


Chicken-1/2 kg
Ash gourd/kumbalanga-1/2 kg.cut in to medium size pieces
Garlic crushed-6 nos
Ginger crushed- 1 piece
Green chilies-2
Tomato chopped-1
Garam masala-1 tbs
Coriander powder-1 1/2 tbs
Turmeric powder-3/4 tbs
Red chili powder-1 tbs
Thick coconut milk-1/2 cup
Thin coconut milk-1 cup

For Tempering:

Small onions-4 cut into small pieces
Dry red chilies-4
Curry leaves-few
Red chili powder-1 tsp

Method Of Preparation

  • Heat oil in a pot. Add onion,crushed ginger,garlic and green chilies in it and saute for few minutes till onion becomes golden brown in color
  • Add turmeric powder,coriander powder and red chili powder in it and saute well
  • Add 1/2 tbs of garam masala powder in it .(remaining garam masala powder you can add later to the curry) and mix well
  • Add chopped tomato in it then add little salt in it and cook in low flame for few minutes till tomato cooked well
  • Now add chicken pieces in it then again add salt in it and mix well. close the lid and cook chicken pieces
  • Once chicken pieces are half cooked add ash goud/kumbalanga and thin coconut milk in it and check the salt,if needed you can add salt again
  • Cook it well for few minutes. Once the ash gourd pieces and chicken pieces are cooked well you can add the thick coconut milk and the remaining garam masala powder in it.cook it well for few minutes
  • Finally do the tempering with small onions,dry red chilies,curry leaves and red chili powder 
  • Then pour it over the curry
  • Yummy chicken curry is ready to serve hot with rice

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