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Banana Halwa Recipe | Banana Halwa Recipe With Jaggery | Healthy Halwa with Video Recipe.   Do u know we can make halwa with small banana.?. Yes, you can make halwa with small bananas. This halwa is a delicious dessert that you can make very easily with very few ingredients. This halwa is a healthy halwa as we are using jaggery instead of sugar in this halwa recipe. You just need small bananas, jaggery, ghee, almonds, cashewnuts, cornflour and cardamom powder for making this halwa. Just try this halwa recipe next time if you have lots of small bananas at your home, and you just need to finish it, I am sure that you will love this halwa because of it’s simplicity to prepare and it’s delicious taste.  If you want to give a healthy dessert for your kids then you can definitely try this recipe. Let us come to the recipe.


Small Bananas-6
Cornflour-3 tbs
Water-1/4 cup
Powdered Jaggery-1/2 cup
Ghee-4 tsp
Almonds, chopped-1 tbs
Cashewnuts, chopped-1 tbs
Cardamom powder-1 tsp
Method Of Preparation

  • Chop small bananas into small pieces. Grind it into a smooth paste and keep it aside. 
  • Take corn flour in a bowl add water into it. Mix it well. Make sure that no lumps are there. Keep it aside
  • Heat ghee in a pan.  Add chopped cashewnuts and chopped almonds into it and saute it until it turns golden brown in color. Keep it aside
  • Saute grounded banana in ghee for 5 minutes or until raw taste of the bananas goes
  • Add powdered jaggery into it. Saute it until jaggery dissolves completely.
  • Add cornflour mixture into it and stir it well
  • Add ghee into it in three four parts and saute well. Mixture will absorb the ghee. Cook until the ghee is no more absorbed by the mixture. Stir it continuously and cook until ghee starts to release from the pan. It is the correct consistency of halwa
  • Switch off the flame. Add cardamom powder, roasted cashewnuts and almonds into it and mix well
  • Transfer this mixture into a ghee greased tray. Level it up with a spoon. Allow it to cool down completely
  • Banana halwa is now ready to serve

Video Recipe

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