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Home made Chicken Nuggets Recipe

chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are one of the most favorite snacks for kids and adults. Do u think that it is difficult to make at home? Absolutely no..First I thought it is a difficult process to make chicken nuggets at home.but once I got the recipe from internet I made it at home. It came out successfully.It is a very easy to prepare recipe. You can also try this recipe and let me know your comments.


Boneless chicken breast-1/2 kg(cut into medium bite sizes)
Butter milk-1 cup
Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp
Bread crumbs-1 cup
All purpose flour/Maida-1/2 cup
Black pepper-1/2 tsp
Kashmiri Red chili powder-1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Method Of Preparation

  • Take a bowl and marinate the chicken pieces with butter milk,salt,chili powder and ginger garlic paste and leave it in refrigerator for 1 hour
  • After 1 hour take it out and then squeeze out the liquid and add salt and pepper powder in it
  • Season the flour with salt and pepper powder
  • Coat the chicken pieces with flour and dip it in beaten egg, then put in the bread crumbs
  • Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the chicken nuggets until golden brown
  • Drain on paper towel and serve hot with your favorite sauce and enjoy!

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