Pizza without Oven Recipe | Tawa Pizza Recipe | No Yeast & No Cheese Veg Pizza with Homemade Pizza Sauce


Pizza without Oven | Tawa Pizza | No Yeast & No Cheese Veg Pizza Made with Homemade Pizza Sauce with Video Recipe. Pizza is flat bread made with all-purpose flour/maida and topped with pizza sauce, cheese and some vegetarian as well as non vegetarian pizza toppings and baked it in oven. Traditionally it is an Italian cuisine recipe, but it’s popular in all over the world. This recipe of pizza is for those who don’t have oven in there house for making pizza. Here I made pizza on a tawa, it’s taste was just like the taste of the pizza that we bake in oven. Once you learned to make pizza in home you will stop buying it from outside. Just check my recipe, then you can understand that how easy is to make pizza at home. This recipe has some variation to the normal pizza recipe, Normally pizza is dough is fermented with yeast, but here I am using baking powder and baking soda instead of yeast, so it will be perfect for the people who don’t want to include yeast in their diet. One more variation is there, that is instead of cheese here I am using white sauce as I don’t like cheese, I think some people will be there who don’t like the taste of cheese like me. In this recipe I am showing you how to make pizza sauce at home. So, today we will learn how to make pizza at home. Just try my recipe and let me know how it tuned out for you.


For Pizza Sauce

Ginger-1/2 inch piece ( Chopped into small pieces)
Garlic-4 cloves
Onion-1 ( Chopped)
Tomato-1 ( Chopped)
Water-1 cup
Oil-3 tsp
Kashmiri Redchilli Powder-1tsp
Sugar-1 tsp
Salt to taste

For White Sauce

Butter- 1 tbs
All Purpose Flour/ Maida- 1 tbs
Milk-1/2 cup ( room temperature)
Salt to taste

For Pizza Dough

All Purpose Flour/ Maida-1/2 cup
Baking Powder-1/2 tsp
Baking Soda-1/4 tsp
Salt-1/4 tsp
Sugar-1/2 tsp
Yogurt/Curd-3 tbs
Oil-2 tsp

For Toppings

Pizza Sauce
White Sauce
Onion (Chopped)
Tomato (Chopped)
Capsicum ( Chopped)
Redchilli Flakes

Method Of Preparation

Making Pizza Sauce

  • In a pan add ginger, garlic, onion and tomato. Add 1/2 cup water into it
  • Close it with a lid and cook it in low flame for 5 minute. Once onion and tomatoes are cooked well switch off the flame and transfer it into a bowl. Allow it to cool down completely
  • Once it’s cooled down completely, transfer it into a mixer and grind it to a fine paste
  • Heat oil in a pan. Add grounded paste, kashmiri redchilli powder, sugar and salt into it. Add 1/2 cup water into it. Mix it well and cook it in medium flame until the gravy thickens. Transfer it into a bowl and keep it aside

Making White Sauce

    • Heat butter in a pan. Add all purpose flour into it. Mix it well. Cook it in low flame for 2 minute. Add milk into it. Then add salt to taste and mix it well. Saute it continuously. Cook it in low flame until the gravy thickens. Once the gravy thickened transfer it into a bowl and keep it aside

    Making Pizza Dough

    • In a bowl add all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt to taste, sugar, yogurt/curd and oil. Mix it well and make a soft dough. Cover it and rest it for 10 minute.

    Making Pizza on Tawa

    • After 10 minute, dust some flour on the rolling board and knead the pizza dough again. Roll the dough into a thin circle with the rolling pin
    • Place it on a tawa. Spread it with your hand on tawa. Prick it with a fork. 
    • Spread some pizza sauce over it. Then spread white sauce over it.
    • Add onion, tomato and capsicum on top. Sprinkle some redchilli flakes on top.
    • Sprinkle some oil on sides
    • Cover it and cook it in low flame for 10 minutes
    • Once the pizza is cooked well cut it and serve

    Video Recipe

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