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Egg Omelette in Tomato Recipe | Variety Egg Omelette Recipe


Egg Omelette in Tomato | Variety Egg Omelette Recipe with Video Recipe. Today’s recipe is for egg lovers, Do u want to make a variety egg omelette?, then try this recipe of egg omelette inside tomato cups. Here I made egg omelette inside the tomato cup. It’s very easy to prepare and it will tastes delicious. it’s preparation is very simple. First I made the normal egg mixture that we use for making egg omelette, then filled the tomato with this egg mixture and baked the tomatoes in a kadai. When cooking egg omelette in tomato, the flavor of tomato blends well with the taste of egg omelette. It will make this egg omelette delicious and it will also looks beautiful as the egg omelettes are inside the tomato cup. You can have it as an evening snack. You can also use it for bread omelette sandwich.  Try this variety egg omelette recipe and let me know your feedback.

Preparation Time: 45 minutes
Cooking Time: 40 minute
Servings:4 egg omelette

Onion-1(finely chopped)
Turmeric Powder
Chilli Powder

Method Of Preparation

  • First cut the top part of tomatoes and keep it aside. 
  • Remove the seeds of tomato.
  • In a bowl crack eggs. Add onion, turmeric powder, redchilli powder and salt into it and mix well. Egg mixture is ready now
  • Fill the tomatoes with this egg mixture. Cover it with the top part of the tomato. Secure it with a toothpick. Grease a tray with oil and place the egg filled tomatoes in it
  • Take a kadai. Add salt in it. Place a rack over it. Cover it with a lid and cook it in medium flame for 5 minute
  • After 5 minute, open the lid and place the tray in it. Close it with a lid and cook it in medium flame for 30-35 minute
  • After 35 minute egg omelette will be ready inside the tomato cup
  • Take it out into a serving plate
  • Egg omelettes are now ready to serve inside the tomato cup

Video Recipe

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