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Pumpkin Kheer Recipe | Easy Dessert Recipe | LockDown Recipe with Video Recipe. This is an easy dessert recipe made with pumpkin. This dessert is very easy to prepare as well as tastes delicious. Only one more day is there for the Vishnu festival of kerala. But this time due to the corona virus lockdown, people can’t make it to a big celebration as before. We need to make the Vishnu festival celebration as simple as possible as it’s the lockdown time. We won’t get all the necessary grocery items as we want from stores due to lockdown. so we need to prepare the Vishnu sadhya with the available items. I have shared many Vishnu Sadhya Recipes in this blog, U can check it by clicking the above link. This time I thought to share with you a variety kheer/payasam recipe. Main item in kerala sadhya is kheer/payasam. I am sure that it will be the favorite item in kerala sadhya for most of the people, people who don’t like other items in kerala sadhya will also like to have the payasam/kheer of kerala sadhya. Today I am sharing with you the recipe of a payasam/kheer which you can make with pumpkin.Don’t worry if you don’t have anything in your home to make payasam/kheer, just cut a piece of pumpkin that you bought for making any vegetable curry dishes and make this super easy and tasty payasam. Step for making this payasam/kheer is very simple. First pressure cook the pumpkin pieces and then mash it well. Then cook it with jaggery syrup and milk. Finally garnish it with cashewnuts and raisins that are roasted in ghee. Then our healthy and tasty pumpkin kheer/payasam will be ready. Try this recipe and let me know how it turned out for you


Pumpkin-2 cup (Small pieces)
Jaggery-250 gm
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Salt-1/4 tsp
Milk-2.5 cup
Ghee-1 tbs
Cashew nuts-few
Method Of Preparation
  • Peel the skin of pumpkin and cut it into small pieces
  • Pressure cook it for 2 whistle by adding 3/4 cup water into it
  • Once the pressure released from the cooker transfer the cooked pumpkin pieces into a bowl. Mash the cooked pumpkin pieces well
  • Take jaggery in a pan add 1/2 cup water into it and heat it
  • Let the jaggery dissolve completely
  • Once the jaggery dissolved completely. Switch off the flame
  • Strain it for removing impurities
  • Transfer the strained jaggery syrup into a kadai
  • Add the mashed pumpkin pieces into jaggery syrup
  • Let the pumpkin pieces cook well in jaggery syrup
  • Once the mixture is thickened, add cardamom powder and salt into it and mix well
  • Add milk into it
  • Stir it continuously, keep the flame in medium
  • Once it started to boil, switch off the flame. Don’t cook it again
  • Heat ghee in a pan. Roast few cashewnuts and raisins in ghee until it turns light brown in color
  • Add it to the cooked payasam
  • Pumpkin payasam/kheer is now ready to serve

Video Recipe


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