Eggless Caramel Custard Bread Pudding Recipe | Bread Pudding in Pressure Cooker | Easy Pudding Recipe Without Oven


Caramel custard pudding is a popular dessert recipe. It is very easy to prepare with very few ingredients. This caramel custard pudding recipe is different from the normal recipes of caramel custard pudding. That is, In this recipe I am not using egg.  I used bread for making this pudding. I added custard powder in this recipe for enhancing the taste of this pudding. You can steam pudding mixture without cooking it. In this recipe I cooked the pudding mixture before steaming it. Cooking pudding mixture before steaming it will enhance it’s taste. Just try to cook the pudding mixture as I explained below, before steaming it, then you can feel the difference in the taste of pudding. This is a delicious caramel custard pudding recipe. Here I used pressure cooker for making this pudding, so no need to worry, if you don’t have oven for making this pudding. Try this recipe and let me know how it turned out for you.


Sugar-1/4 Cup (For caramel)
Bread Slices-6
Custard Powder-1/4 cup
Water-1/2 cup
Milk-1 1/2 cup
Sugar-1/2 cup
Method Of Preparation
  • Heat sugar in a pan in medium flame. Stir occasionally until the sugar melts
  • Once sugar melts and turns golden brown in color, immediately transfer it into the bowl and spread it evenly. Keep it aside until it sets completely
  • Take bread slices. Cut the edges. Cut into small pieces. Transfer it into a blender and grind it into a fine powder. Keep it aside
  • Take custard powder in a bowl. Add water into it and mix well. Make sure there are no lumps
  • Take milk in a pan and add sugar into it. Cook it on medium flame. Stir continuously until the sugar dissolves completely
  • Bring milk to a boil. Then switch off the flame. Add the custard mixture into it.
  • Switch on flame and keep the flame on low. Stir continuously. cook until it thickens
  • Keep the flame on low and add bread powder gradually into it.
  • Mix it well until everything is well combined. Pudding mixture is now ready
  • Pour this mixture into the caramelized set bowl. Level the top and tap it for removing the air bubbles
  • Cover it with an aluminum bowl
  • Take a pressure cooker and pour enough water into it. Place a stand in it, then place the pudding bowl into it.
  • Remove the weight of cooker and close the lid
  • Cook it on high flame for 5 minutes and turn the flame to low and cook it for 25-30 minutes on low flame
  • After 30 minutes, open the lid of the cooker. Open the cover and insert a toothpick in the center of pudding. If it came out clean, then the pudding is ready. If it is not ready, cook it for few more minutes
  • If it is ready, take the bowl out of the cooker carefully. Bring it in room temperature and refrigerate it for 2 hours. Pudding will be ready after 2 hours
  • Place a plate on top of the bowl. Hold it tightly and turn it upside down. Loosen the pudding from the bowl.
  • Yummy eggless caramel custard bread pudding is now ready to serve

Video Recipe

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