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Banana Bread Fingers Recipe- Quick & Easy Snack for Kids


Today I am sharing here the recipe of a quick and easy snack, that u can prepare just with two ingredients. Here I am using only bread and banana for this snack. In this recipe I used small bananas but you can use any type of ripe bananas. U no need to add any sugar in this recipe, because the bananas used in this recipe will act as a healthy sweetner in this recipe. If ur looking for an easy evening snack recipe for kids with few ingredients that are always available at your home, then you can definitely try this recipe. I am sure that kids will love the taste of this snack. Try this recipe and let me know how it turned out for you. Let us come to the recipe

Small bananas-4

Method Of Preparation

  • Toast the bread on a hot pan without adding oil until it turns brown in color
  • Tear the toasted bread slices into small pieces and put it into a mixer
  • Make fine powder of toasted bread slices
  • Add banana into it and mix it well with your hand and make a mixture of bread and banana. You can add more bananas if the mixture too thick
  • Take a portion of mixture in your hand and shape it 
  • Heat oil in a pan and deep fry it on medium flame
  • Banana bread fingers are now ready to serve

Video Recipe

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