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Thulasi Inji Kashayam Recipe (Basil Ginger Tonic) For Relief From Cold & Cough


Are you suffering from cold and cough?,then here is a medicine for you, that you can prepare with the few ingredients that are available at your home. Mostly in winter season I will suffer from cold and cough, so I will stock cold medicine at home and I will rely on such medicines whenever I have cold and cough problems, but most of that medicines are drowsy type and sometimes after having that will suffer with its side effects also. so this time when I suffered from cold and cough, my husband suggested me to try a home medicine that he saw in one website and he made it for me.. It was very effective and after having that home made medicine I got relief from my cold and cough..I didn’t feel any drowsiness and it doesn’t have any side effects like other cold medicines..My husband requested me to post the recipe of that tonic he made for me in this blog, so that it will be useful for others. Today we can learn how to make the Basil Ginger Tonic For relief from cold and cough


Thulasi ( Holy Basil leaves)- 10-15 leaves
Ginger-1 inch,peeled
Peppercorns-1/2 tsp
Water- 11/2 cup

Method Of Preparation

  • Wash Basil leaves well. Set aside
  • Grind the ginger into a paste
  • Heat a pan and dry roast the pepper corns
  • Heat water in a pan and add grounded ginger into it
  • Grind basil leaves and dry roasted pepper corns in to a coarse paste 
  • Add this paste also into the above water and allow it to boil
  • Boil it until it reduces to about 3/4 cup
  • Switch off the flame and let it cool
  • Strain it before serving
  • Have it warm as a home medicine for relief from cold and cough

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