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Eggless Pancakes Recipe

eggless pancake
Eggless Pancakes

Pancakes are popular American Breakfast recipe. One day my search for an evening snack with no oil ended up in this pancake recipe. I tried this recipe it came out well as soft and fluffy. It is just like our normal dosa but it has some differences in taste and texture. You could prepare the batter in no time with simple ingredients available. It is one of the quickest,simplest and tasty snack for kids which take less than 15 minutes to make. I used all purpose flour for making this pancake but you can use wheat flour for a healthy option. Today we can learn how to prepare this pancake.Try this recipe and let me know how it turned out for you


All purpose flour/Plain flour(Maida)-1 cup
Milk-1 cup
Sugar-1 tbs
Salt-1/2 tsp
Oil-1 tbs
Baking powder-1 tbs
Cinnamon powder-a pinch
Butter-1 tbs,melted and warm
Vanilla essence-1/2 tsp

Method Of Preparation

  • Mix all the above ingredients with the whisk in a bowl. Set aside the batter for 5 minutes
  • Heat an iron skillet or a non stick pan and allow it to heat for 30 to 40 seconds on low to medium flame. Reduce the flame to low and pour a large ladle full of batter in the center of pan. Do not spread
  • Wait until bubbles pop over the pancakes and the color changes to nice golden. flip carefully. Cook the other side for a minute and transfer to a serving plate
  • Ensure that the skillet is not too hot otherwise the pancake will attain a dark shade. Put the flame on medium heat for nice golden color

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  1. Lovely recipe of pancakes…so good…

  2. Nice, would taste amazing topped with honey or jam 🙂

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