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Erachi Choru Recipe / Meat Rice Recipe

Erachi Choru / Meat Rice

Erachi Choru is a very popular and tasty rice recipe made in Malabar side of kerala..Preparation of this meat rice is easier than that of  biriyani. The prepartion method of meat rice is little different from biriyani and we use less spices for preparing this.I hope you all will enjoy making this yummy meat rice ..I used turkey meat in this recipe but u can use any type of meat for perapring this.Let us look at the ingredients and the method of preparation of this rice recipe..

Preparation Time:1hour 20 minutes 
Cooking Time:30 minutes
Servings: 4 people 


  • Turkey-1/2 kg
  • Onions-2
  • Tomatoes-2
  • Green Chilies-3-4
  • Ginger garlic paste- 2tsp
  • Turmeric powder-1tsp
  • Red chilly powder-2tbs
  • Coriander powder-2tbs
  • Yogurt-2tbs
  • Pepper powder-2tsp
  • Garam masala-2tsp
  • Biriyani rice–2cup
  • ghee-2tbs
  • cloves-5
  • cinnamon-1 inch
  • Bay leaves-2
  • Salt to taste
  • Bunch of curry leaves and coriander leaves
  • 3-4 tbsp of oil

Method of Preparation

  • Clean and cut meat into medium size pieces
  • Marinate the pieces with little bit turmeric powder,red chilly powder,pepper powder,ginger garlic    paste and salt .keep it side
  • In a pot heat 2 tbs of oil and add onions. saute it for few seconds till it turns brown
  • Add green chilies,ginger garlic paste and tomatoes .saute till the tomatoes turns mushy
  • Add turmeric powder,red chilli powder,coriander powder,pepper powder and salt
  • Add the meat pieces in to it
  • Add some water in to it for cooking the meat..make sure that the meat is not over cooked.
  • Once the meat is cooked add yogurt and mix well.Then add few curry leaves and coriander leaves into it
  • Transfer the cooked meat along with its gravy in to this pot
  • Add washed rice in to this and add water in to this
  • Check the salt and add salt if needed
  • Close the lid and cook for 20 minute at medium high flame
  • In between stir rice slowly to ensure cooking
  • Remove from heat when the water has been absorbed and the rice and meat is well cooked
  • Tips

    If your using pressure cooker for preparing this recipe then add water and rice in the ration 2:1.You can remove from heat after 1 whistle

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