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Ramadan Iftar Recipes

Wishing Ramadan Kareem to all my muslim friends and readers !

Carrot Kheer
The holy month of ramadan is here. The ninth month of the Islamic calender is known as Ramadan or ramazan. Muslims across the globe observe fast for 29 to 30 days. Iftar is a meal that is served at the end of the day to break the fast during the holy month of Ramadan. After the evening prayers, iftar is taken and is usually enjoyed with friends, family and community. Many people enjoy the pleasure of hosting iftar parties at home where they get to greet and share the food together with the community. A variety of foods are prepared for the iftar meal. Ramadan is around the corner, so I thought to share the recipes of the few dishes that I prepared till now in my kitchen. Hope it will be useful for you for preparing dishes for iftar parties. Please click on the below pictures for recipes

Snacks For Iftar

Cauliflower Bhaji / Cauliflower Pakoda             Fish Patties / Fish Cutlets / Fish Cakes


Steamed Chicken Momos                               Rice Pancake Stuffed with Fish Masala / Fish Pathiri
     Egg Cutlet                                                            Home Made Fish Nuggets

 Kozhikkal / Tapioca Fritters / Vegetable Chicken Fry           Vegetable Cutlet / Vegetale Patties                     

Kozhikkal / Tapioca Fritters /                               Vegetable Cutlet / Vegetable Patties
 Vegetable Chicken Fry
Parippu Vada (Lentil/Dal Fritters)                     Stuffed Plantain / Pazham Nirachathu
Vegetable Puff                                                      Home made Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Vada                  
     Chicken Vada                                                Unnakkaya / Banana Rolls
                  Eggless French Toast (Savory Version)
Arikadukka/Stuffed Mussels                                 Eggless French Toast (Savory Version)

Eggless Pancakes                 

Eggless Pancakes                                                 Vattayappam / Steamed Rice Cake


Bread Rolls With Stuffed Potatoes                     Bread Uttapam / Instant Uttapam

                 Sweet Egg Bread Roast/Sweet French Toast
Eggless Omelette / Vegetarian Omelette             Sweet Egg Bread Roast/Sweet French Toast

Main Course For Iftar

Fish Dum Biriyani                                              Kappa Biriyani / Tapioca Biriyani

                 Mushroom Dum Biryani
Vegetable Fried Rice                                            Mushroom Dum Biryani

Erachi Choru / Meat Rice                
Erachi Choru / Meat Rice                                   Chicken Curry with Ashgourd / kumbalanga

Chicken Ularthiyathu / Sauteed Chicken                             Chettinad Pepper Chicken

Chicken Tikka                 
Chicken Tikka                                                         Prawns Jackfruitseed Drumstick Fry

Bottle Gourd-Dried Prawn Curry                               Crab Curry

Fish Curry with Ash gourd / Kumbalanga                   Prawn/Shrimp Roast

                  Fish Curry with Coconut Milk and Mango
Kadukka roast/Mussels roast                                        Fish Curry with Coconut Milk and Mango

Shark/Sravu Thoran/Sura Puttu                  
Shark/Sravu Thoran/Sura Puttu                                   Chettinad Fish Curry

Netholi Peera Pattichathu /                                         Fish Stew / Fish Molee
Anchovies in Crushed Coconut Mixture

Sweets / Desserts For Iftar

                     Carrot Kheer
Chana Dal Kheer / Kadala Parippu Payasam                 Carrot Kheer

                     Boondi Ladoo
Yellow cucumber/Dosakaya/                                          Boondi Ladoo
Vellarikka Payasam/Kheer

Home made Instant Jalebi                                            Carrot Cake

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