Parippu Vada (Lentil/Dal Fritters) Recipe & Special Tea Recipe

Parippu Vada (Lentil/Dal Fritters) & Special Tea

Today I am posting here the recipe of a crunchy,yummy tea time snack Parippu Vada (Lentil/Dal Fritters) and the recipe of a Special Tea. It is known as Parippu Vada in Kerala and it is known as Masala Vadai/Paruppu Vadai in Tamil Nadu. It is a very popular snack in South India. One day I was in search of a good teatime snacks, as my husband always need some snacks with the evening tea, end up in this crunchy,yummy parippu vada. The Tea with this Parippu vada is a special tea. It has some diiference from our usual tea. My husband got this tea recipe from a cooking website and he used to prepare this. It is a strong tea,If you feel very tired then you can have this tea,it will give an energy for you. Once you had it,I am sure that you will also try to prepare this special tea always. First we can learn how to prepare Parippu Vada then we can learn to prepare this Special Tea

Ingredients For Parippu Vada

Chana Dal(Kadala Parippu)-1 cup
Onion-1,finely chopped
Green chili-3,finely chopped
Ginger-2tsp,finely chopped
Fennel seeds-1/4 tsp
Curry leaves-2-3 stems,finely chopped
Salt to taste
Method Of Preparation

  • Soak chana dal in water for 2 hours.Drain the water completely.Make sure that the water is drained well
  • Crush the drained dal in a mixer. Just run it in a mixer for few seconds.Make sure that you don’t grind it to a smooth paste
  • Add all the ingredients except oil mentioned above to the crushed dal and mix it together
  • Make small balls with the dal mix
  • Heat oil in a deep bottom pan in a medium-low flame.When oil is hot,take each ball just flatten each ball in your palm.Wet your hands before flattening the dough
  • Slowly add it to hot oil and deep fry it.Turn it in between till both sides becomes golden brown in color
  • Once it became golden brown in color.transfer it to a tissue paper for draining the excess oil
  • Serve hot with tea

Special Tea

Ingredients for Special Tea

Milk-1 cup
Water-1 cup
Sugar-1 tbs
Tea powder-1 tbs
Red chili powder-a pinch
Garam masala powder-a pinch

Method Of Preparation

  • Pour water and milk in a pan and allow it to boil. When it starts to boil add sugar and tea powder in it.Then reduce the flame and mix well using a spoon
  • Add red chili powder and garam masala powder in it then mix well using a spoon and increase the flame and allow it to boil again.Once it is boiled reduce the flame and keep it like that for 10 seconds on low flame
  • After 10 seconds switch off the flame 
  • Sieve and pour the tea in cups


Don’t add too much redchili powder and garam masala powder in it. Just add a pinch of redchili powder and garam masala powder as you won’t understand its taste while drinking the tea

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