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Bread Puttu Recipe | Steamed Bread Cake Recipe


We can prepare many snacks with bread like bread toast and sandwich etc.Are you bored with that snacks?, then you can give a try to this bread puttu.It is very tasty and it is very easy to prepare also.In kerala we will prepare puttu with rice powder and wheat powder but this bread puttu is tastier and easier to prepare than any other puttu varieties.Let us see how to prepare this

Preparation Time:10 minute
Cooking Time:5 minute


Bread-6 slices
Grated Coconut-2 tbs

Method Of Preparation

  • Powder the bread slices in a mixer

  • Grate some coconut
  • Take a puttu maker (If you dont have puttu maker you can use coconut shell with eyes and make a hole on one of the eyes as shown in the below picture)

  • Now fill it like this:-First put 1tbs grated coconut in it then put powdered bread and again put 1tbs grated coconut over it
  • Take a cooker without weight add some water in it and place the puttu maker over the whistle through the hole of puttu maker or if your using the coconut shell u can place ┬áthe hole of the coconut shell eye over the whistle and cover the coconut shell with a lid
  • Steam it for 5 minutes
  • Your tasty bread puttu is ready to serve

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  1. Wow this is so unique! But i wonder about the taste as there is no addition of any spice or sweetner

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