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Bengali Pumpkin Fish Curry Recipe | Easy & Variety Fish Curry Recipe


Bengali Pumpkin Fish Curry Recipe | Easy & Variety Fish Curry Recipe with Video Recipe. In India, Bengali cuisines are most popular for it’s variety of fish recipes. In our house we used to prepare fish curries in kerala style, but this time when we bought fish at our house, I thought to try some variety curry recipe with fish. So I requested my husband to find out some variety fish curry recipes, as he is an expert in finding variety dishes for me to try, As Bengali cuisines are famous for it’s variety of fish curry recipes, his search also ended up in a variety fish curry recipe in bengali style. That is Bengali pumpkin fish curry recipe. When I checked this recipe of Bengali pumpkin fish curry, I found it is very easy to prepare, so I thought to try this recipe and share the recipe with you, if it came out well. This curry is not only easy to prepare but also delicious. It’s preparation is very simple. In most of the Bengali fish recipes, first they will marinate the fish pieces with turmeric powder and salt and then they will fry it. In this recipe also, first I marinated fish pieces with turmeric powder and salt, then I shallow fried the fish pieces. Here I made a spicy gravy with potatoes and pumpkin and then I cooked the fried fish pieces in that gravy. The taste of the pumpkin and potatoes combined with the taste of the fish will make this curry delicious. Unlike other Indian fish curry recipe here we are not adding tamarind, tomato or any other sour agent for getting sour taste. But without sour taste this curry is delicious. During this corona virus time for boosting our immunity we need to include proteins and vitamins in our diet. Fish is one of the most beneficial protein sources for your diet and pumpkin is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Hence this recipe of fish along with pumpkin will make it a healthy dish. Try this recipe if you are planning to try some variety fish curry recipe. Let me know your feedback.

Preparation Time:15 minutes
Cooking Time:30 minutes
Servings:4 People


For Fish Marination

Fish Pieces-7 to 8 ( Here I used Pomfret Fish)
Turmeric Powder- 1 1/2 tsp
Salt-1/2 tsp

For Gravy

Potatoes-2 ( Chopped)
Pumpkin-1 1/2 cup ( Chopped)
Ginger- Small Piece ( Chopped)
Garlic Cloves-4 (Chopped)
Green chillies-2 ( Chopped)
Onions-2 (Chopped)
Turmeric Powder-1 tsp
Coriander Powder-1 tsp
Garam Masala-1/2 tsp
Red chilli Powder-1 tsp

Method Of Preparation

  • Marinate the fish pieces with turmeric powder and salt. Rest it for 30 minutes
  • Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the fish pieces until both sides turns brown in color
  • Heat oil in a kadai. Add chopped ginger, garlic and green chillies in it. Saute it until it turns light brown in color
  • Add chopped onions in it. Sauté it until onion becomes translucent
  • Add turmeric powder, redchilli powder, coriander powder, and garam masala in it. Saute it until raw smell of powders goes away.
  • Add chopped pumpkin and potatoes in it. Add salt in it and mix well
  • Add water in it and mix well
  • Cover it with a lid and cook it until pumpkin and potatoes are cooked well
  • Add fried fish pieces into it.
  • Coat the fish pieces with the gravy gently
  • Delicious fish curry is now ready to serve

Video Recipe

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