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Aviyal-Avial Recipe-Kerala Sadhya Series-5


Aviyal-Avial Recipe with Video Recipe. Aviyal is a must side dish in kerala sadhya. It is a thick mixture of different vegetables, coconut and curd, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. The main flavor of this curry comes from the coconut oil used in this curry, so try to use coconut oil while preparing this curry for getting the actual flavor of this curry. For sourness I added curd in this curry, but you can use raw mango or tamarind water for getting sour taste. In this recipe I am using the vegetables which are using in authentic aviyal recipe, you can skip and add vegetables of your choice in this recipe, but try to avoid the vegetables that are very soft and pulpy. In a mixer just crush coconut and other ingredients like cumin, shallots and greenchillies. No need to add water while grinding it and make a fine paste of it. You won’t get the actual taste of this aviyal, if you grind it into a fine paste. It is very easy to prepare. Try this recipe for the upcoming onam sadhya and let me know how it tuned out for you. Let us come to the recipe.

Coconut-1 cup
Small onions-4 to5
Greenchillies-3 to 4
Cuminseeds-1 tsp
Coconut oil-5 tbs(3tbs for cooking vegetables + 2 tbs for seasoning)
Carrot-1/2 cup
Yam-1/2 cup
Rawbanana-1/2 cup
Ash gourd-1/2 cup
Long beans-5
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Water- 1 cup
Curd/Yogurt- 1/2 cup (Whisked well)
Curry leaves

Method Of Preparation

  • Wash all vegetables well and cut it lengthwise into medium size pieces and keep it aside
  • In a mixer add coconut, small onions, cumin seeds and green chillies. Crush everything well.( No need to add water and grind it into a fine paste. Just crush everything well)
  • Heat a pan and add coconut oil into it. Add all vegetables into it. Add turmeric powder and salt into it. Saute it for 1 minute. Then add water into it. Close the lid and cook it until all vegetables are 3/4th cooked
  • Once all vegetables are 3/4 th cooked add whisked curd into it. Mix it well and let it boil
  • Once it started to boil and all vegetables are cooked well, add the crushed coconut mixture into it and mix well. 
  • Cook it until it dry up 
  • Finally season it with coconut oil and curry leaves and mix well
  • Aviyal is now ready to serve

Video Recipe

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